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Publications of Allen E. Buchanan    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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Papers Published

  1. A Buchanan, The Quebec Secession Issue: Democracy and Minority Rights, manual (1999), paper commissioned by the Office of the Privy Council, Government of Canada (reprinted in Nomos volume, Self-Determination, and Secession, Stephen Macedo and Allen Buchanan, eds. New York university Press, 2003.).

Journal Articles

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Papers Submitted

  1. with Russell Powell, The Limitations of Evolutionary Explanations of Morality, ETHICS , submitted 2015.

Articles and Chapters

  1. with Gopal Sreenivasan, Human Rights: Taking International Legalization Seriously, in HUMAN RIGHTS: MORAL OR POLITICAL, edited by Rowan Cruft and Adam Etison (2015).
  2. with Robert O. Keohane, Regulating Lethal Drones, Ethics & International Affairs (2015).
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  5. A.E. Buchanan, The Ethics of Revolution and Its Implications for Intervention, PHILOSOPHY & PUBLIC AFFAIRS (2014).

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