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Research Interests for Carlotta Pavese

Research Interests:

Carlotta Pavese (Ph.D. 2013, Rutgers) joined Duke faculty in 2014. Before that, she was Bersoff Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow at NYU. She has broad interests. Her areas of specialization are philosophy of language, epistemology, philosophy of mind and philosophical logic.

Recent Publications
  1. Pavese, C, Know-how, action, and luck, Synthese (May, 2018), pp. 1-23 [doi[abs]
  2. Beddor, B; Pavese, C, Modal Virtue Epistemology, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (January, 2018) [doi]
  3. Pavese, C, A theory of practical meaning, Philosophical Topics, vol. 45 no. 2 (September, 2017), pp. 65-96, Philosophy Documentation Center [doi[abs]
  4. Pavese, C, Know-how and gradability, The Philosophical Review, vol. 126 no. 3 (July, 2017), pp. 345-383 [doi[abs]
  5. Pavese, C, On the meaning of 'therefore', Analysis, vol. 77 no. 1 (January, 2017), pp. 88-97, Oxford University Press (OUP) [doi]

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