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Jennifer Hawkins, Associate Research Professor    editJennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins (Ph.D. 2000, Princeton) joined the Duke faculty in 2010.

Hawkins is the author of Faring Well (Oxford, forthcoming).  In 2020-21, she was on sabbatical in Oxford, with the support of an ACLS faculty fellowship.  In Trinity term, she was a Plumer Visiting Fellow at St. Anne's College, Oxford.

Curriculum vitae.

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Ph.D., Princeton University, 2000
M.A., Princeton University, 1997
B.A., Reed College, 1994

Research Interests:

"Well-Being: What Matters Beyond the Mental?," Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics 4 (2015): 210-35 

"Well-Being, Time, and Dementia," Ethics 124 (2014): 507-42.
Teaching (Fall 2022):
  • PHIL 217.01, Intro to ethical theory Synopsis
    West Duke 202, MW 10:15 AM-11:30 AM
  • PHIL 220.01, Philosophy of disability Synopsis
    West Duke 105, MW 03:30 PM-04:45 PM

Teaching (Spring 2023):

  • PHIL 335.01, Moral psychology Synopsis
    East Duke 204D, MW 12:00 PM-01:15 PM
  • PHIL 590S.03, Special fields seminar (top) Synopsis
    West Duke 204, MW 05:15 PM-06:30 PM

Recent Publications   (More Publications)
  • Hawkins, J. "Theory Without Theories: Well-Being, Ethics, and Medicine.." Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 46.6 (December, 2021): 656-683. [doi]  [abs]
  • Hawkins, J. "Why even a liberal can justify limited paternalistic intervention in anorexia nervosa." Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology 28.2 (January, 2021): 155-158. [doi]
  • Hawkins, J. "Further Reflections: Surrogate Decisionmaking When Significant Mental Capacities are Retained.." Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics : Cq : the International Journal of Healthcare Ethics Committees 30.1 (January, 2021): 192-198. [doi]  [abs]
  • Hawkins, J. "Diversity of meaning and the value of a concept: Comments on anna Alexandrova's a philosophy for the science of well-being." Res Philosophica 96.4 (January, 2019): 529-535. [doi]
  • Hawkins, J. "Artistic creativity and suffering." Creativity and Philosophy. Routledge, 2018. 152-169. [doi]  [abs]

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