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Publications [#287539] of Owen Flanagan

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Articles and Chapters

  1. Flanagan, O, Phenomenal and historical selves, edited by Katja Crone, Kristina Musholt & Anna Strasser, Grazer Philosophische Studien: internationale Zeitschrift fuer analytische Philosophie, vol. 84 (December, 2012), pp. 217-240.
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    There are two ways a person can experience or, what is dif erent, can think about herself: f rst, as a subject of experience who feels a certain characteristic way, the-way-it-feels-to-be-oneself; and, second, as the person who is the subject of a particular autobiography, as the actor who is the protagonist in the history of this organism. The f rst is the phenomenal self; the second is the historical self. Marking the distinction has implications for philosophical psychology, for views about what a self is, how many selves a person has, the varieties of self-knowledge and self-consciousness, and for normative views about how a self is supposed to relate to its own past and future.

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