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James Abordo Ong, Graduate Student    editJames Abordo Ong

Office Location: 206 West Duke Building
Email Address: send me a message

Office Hours:
By appointment
Political Philosophy

Research Interests:
Current projects: PAL-FHI Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar on Cooperation

My work advances philosophical analyses of difference, empowerment, and social change that are grounded in lived experiences of social struggle within specific historical contexts, particularly the US civil rights movement. In lieu of the a priori principles that ground liberal theories of justice and equality, I use empirical studies and real-life narratives to illustrate how subalterns themselves have resisted and recast the social frames of difference that perpetuate their oppression. This approach draws on key strands in the moral and political thought of Baruch de Spinoza and Friedrich Nietzsche, particularly their thinking about difference, empowerment and transformative experience.

Areas of Interest:
Continental Philosophy
Feminist Philosophy
Applied Ethics

Typical Courses Taught:

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