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Russell Powell,     editRussell Powell

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PhD, Duke UNiversity, 2009
M.S., Duke University, 2009
Juris Doctor,, NYU School of Law, 2002

Areas of Interest:
Philosophy of Biology
Applied Ethics
Philosophy of Law
Moral Psychology

Recent Publications   (More Publications)
  • R. Powell (w/ Allen Buchanan). "Breaking Evolution's Chains: The Promise of Enhancement by Design." Enhancement (Julian Savulescu, ed., Oxford) (forthcoming) (2010).
  • R. Powell. "The Evolutionary Biological Implications of Human Genetic Engineering." Journal of Medicine and Philosophy (2010).
  • R. Powell. "What’s the harm? An Evolutionary Theoretical Critique of the Precautionary Principle." Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal (2010).
  • R. Powell. "On the Disappearance of Species: Ontological and Epistemological Challenges to a Robust Environmental Ethic." Oxford Handbook on Ethics and Animals (2010): T.L. Beauchamp and R.J. Frey.
  • R. Powell. "Contingency and Convergence in Macroevolution: A Reply to Beatty." Journal of Philosophy (2009).

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