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Stephen J. Martin, Graduate Student    edit

Office Location: 09D West Duke Building
Email Address: send me a message
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Philosophy of Mind
Cognitive Science

Research Interests:
My research is about the extent to which our convictions flex under the pressure of reason and argumentation. Good arguments, despite the best intentions of those who employ them, fail to persuade by their intellectual merits unless these merits are gradually identified, through conditioning, with other desirable qualities like pleasure or success. Identifying the merits of good arguments with other rewarding stimuli cultivates intellectual character, and intellectual character, notwithstanding situationist doubts about the existence of character and intuitionist concerns about the extent of intellectualism, remains worth cultivating.
Recent Publications
  • Flanagan, O. & Martin. S. "Science and the Modest Image of Epistemology." Humana Mente 21 (2012). [pdf]  [abs]

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