Publications [#245022] of Mohammad W. Ahmed

Papers Published
  1. Henshaw, SS; Ahmed, MW; Feldman, G; Nathan, AM; Weller, HR, New method for precise determination of the isovector giant quadrupole resonances in nuclei., Physical Review Letters, vol. 107 no. 22 (November, 2011), pp. 222501 [22182024], [doi] .

    The intense, nearly monoenergetic, 100% polarized γ-ray beams available at the HIγS facility, along with the realization that the E1-E2 interference term that appears in the Compton scattering polarization observable has opposite signs in the forward and backward angles, make it possible to obtain an order-of-magnitude improvement in the determination of the parameters of the isovector giant quadrupole resonance (IVGQR). Accurate IVGQR parameters will lead to a more detailed knowledge of the symmetry energy in the nuclear equation of state which is important for understanding nuclear matter under extreme conditions such as those present in neutron stars. Our new method is demonstrated for the case of (209)Bi.