Publications [#245029] of Mohammad W. Ahmed

Papers Published
  1. Li, TC; Pietralla, N; Tonchev, AP; Ahmed, MW; Ahn, T; Angell, C; Blackston, MA; Costin, A; Keeter, KJ; Li, J; Lisetskiy, A; Mikhailov, S; Parpottas, Y; Perdue, BA; Rainovski, G; Tornow, W; Weller, HR; Wu, YK, First evidence for spin-flip strength in, Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, vol. 73 no. 5 (May, 2006), pp. 054306 [doi] .

    The Ar40(γ→,γ′) photon scattering reaction was used to search for spin-flip M1 strength in Ar40. The nearly monochromatic, linearly polarized photon beam of HIγS, in an energy region from 7.7 to 11 MeV, was employed in this study. 28 dipole excitations were observed. The azimuthal intensity asymmetry indicated that all of these states were E1 except for the state at Ex=9.757 MeV. Shell-model calculations were used to interpret this state as one fragment of the spin-flip M1 strength in Ar40. © 2006 The American Physical Society.