Publications [#319521] of Anuj J Kapadia

Papers Published
  1. Floyd, CE; Kapadia, AJ; Bender, JE; Sharma, AC; Xia, JQ; Harrawood, BP; Tourassi, GD; Lo, JY; Crowell, AS; Kiser, MR; Howell, CR, Neutron-stimulated emission computed tomography of a multi-element phantom., Physics in Medicine and Biology, vol. 53 no. 9 (May, 2008), pp. 2313-2326 [doi] .

    This paper describes the implementation of neutron-stimulated emission computed tomography (NSECT) for non-invasive imaging and reconstruction of a multi-element phantom. The experimental apparatus and process for acquisition of multi-spectral projection data are described along with the reconstruction algorithm and images of the two elements in the phantom. Independent tomographic reconstruction of each element of the multi-element phantom was performed successfully. This reconstruction result is the first of its kind and provides encouraging proof of concept for proposed subsequent spectroscopic tomography of biological samples using NSECT.