Publications [#306526] of Ayana T. Arce

Papers Accepted
  1. Aad, G; Abbott, B; Abdallah, J; Abdelalim, AA; Abdesselam, A; Abdinov, O; Abi, B; Abolins, M; Abouzeid, OS; Abramowicz, H; Abreu, H; Acerbi, E; Acharya, BS; Adamczyk, L; Adams, DL; Addy, TN; Adelman, J; Aderholz, M; Adomeit, S; Adragna, P; Adye, T; Aefsky, S; Aguilar-Saavedra, JA; Aharrouche, M; Ahlen, SP; Ahles, F; Ahmad, A; Ahsan, M; Aielli, G; Akdogan, T; Akesson, TPA; Akimoto, G; Akimov, AV; Akiyama, A; Alam, MS; Alam, MA; Albert, J; Albrand, S; Aleksa, M; Aleksandrov, IN; Alessandria, F et al., Measurement of the production cross section of an isolated photon associated with jets in proton-proton collisions at √s=7TeV with the ATLAS detector, Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology, vol. 85 no. 9 (2012) [doi] .

    A measurement of the cross section for the production of an isolated photon in association with jets in proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass energy √s=7TeV is presented. Photons are reconstructed in the pseudorapidity range |ηγ|<1.37 and with a transverse energy ETγ>25GeV. Jets are reconstructed in the rapidity range |yjet|<4.4 and with a transverse momentum pTjet>20GeV. The differential cross section dσ/dETγ is measured, as a function of the photon transverse energy, for three different rapidity ranges of the leading-pT jet: |yjet|<1.2, 1.2≤|yjet|<2.8 and 2.8≤|yjet|<4.4. For each rapidity configuration the same-sign (ηγyjet 0) and opposite-sign (ηγyjet<0) cases are studied separately. The results are based on an integrated luminosity of 37pb-1, collected with the ATLAS detector at the LHC. Next-to-leading order perturbative QCD calculations are found to be in fair agreement with the data, except for ETγ 45GeV, where the theoretical predictions overestimate the measured cross sections. © 2012 CERN.