Publications [#245209] of Steffen A. Bass

Papers Published
  1. Cao, S; Qin, GY; Bass, SA, Dynamical evolution, hadronization and angular de-correlation of heavy flavor in a hot and dense QCD medium, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 932 (December, 2014), pp. 38-44 [doi] .

    © 2014. We study heavy flavor evolution and hadronization in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The in-medium evolution of heavy quarks is described using our modified Langevin framework that incorporates both collisional and radiative energy loss mechanisms. The subsequent hadronization process for heavy quarks is calculated with a fragmentation plus recombination model. We find significant contribution from gluon radiation to heavy quark energy loss at high p T ; the recombination mechanism can greatly enhance the D meson production at medium p T . Our calculation provides a good description of the D meson nuclear modification at the LHC. In addition, we explore the angular correlation functions of heavy flavor pairs which may provide us a potential candidate for distinguishing different energy loss mechanisms of heavy quarks inside the QGP.