Publications [#245294] of Steffen A. Bass

Papers Published
  1. Song, H; Bass, SA; Heinz, U, Elliptic flow in GeV Au Au collisions and TeV Pb Pb collisions: Insights from viscous hydrodynamics hadron cascade hybrid model, Physical Review C, vol. 83 no. 5 (Summer, 2011), pp. 054912 [2380], [doi] .

    Using the newly developed hybrid model VISHNU, which connects viscous hydrodynamics with a hadron cascade model, we study the differential and integrated elliptic flow v2 at different centrality bins for 200 A GeV Au+Au collisions and 2.76 A TeV Pb+Pb collisions. We find that the average quark-gluon plasma (QGP)-specific shear viscosity η/s slightly increases from Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider to Large Hadron Collider (LHC) energies. However, a further study assuming different temperature dependencies for (η/s)QGP shows that one cannot uniquely constrain the form of (η/s)QGP(T) by fitting the spectra and v2 alone. Based on our current understanding, the question whether the QGP fluid is more viscous or more perfect in the temperature regime reached by LHC energies is still open. © 2011 American Physical Society.