Publications [#245334] of Steffen A. Bass

Papers Published
  1. Winckelmann, LA; Bass, SA; Bleicher, M; Brandstetter, M; Dumitru, A; Ernst, C; Gerland, L; Konopka, J; Soff, S; Spieles, C; Weber, H; Hartnack, C; Aichelin, J; Amelin, N; Stöcker, H; Greiner, W, Microscopic calculations of stopping, flow and electromagnetic radiation from 160AMeV to 160AGeV, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 610 (December, 1996), pp. 116-123 [doi] .

    The behavior of hadronic matter at high baryon densities is studied within Ultra-relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics (UQMD). Baryonic stopping is observed for Au+Au collisions from SIS up to SPS energies. The excitation function of flow shows strong sensitivities to the underlying equation of state (EOS), allowing for systematic studies of the EOS. Effects of a density dependent pole of the ρ-meson propagator on dilepton spectra are studied for different systems and centralities at CERN energies.