Publications [#245349] of Steffen A. Bass

Papers Published
  1. Soff, S; Bass, SA; Hardtke, DH; Panitkin, SY, Particle correlations at RHIC - Scrutiny of a puzzle, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 715 (2003), pp. 801c-804c [0209055], [doi] .

    We present calculations of two-pion and two-kaon correlation functions in relativistic heavy ion collisions from a relativistic transport model that includes explicitly a first-order phase transition from a thermalized quark-gluon plasma to a hadron gas. We compare the obtained correlation radii with recent data from RHIC. The predicted R_side radii agree with data while the R_out and R_long radii are overestimated. We also address the impact of in-medium modifications, for example, a broadening of the rho-meson, on the correlation radii. In particular, the longitudinal correlation radius R_long is reduced, improving the comparison to data.