Publications [#245372] of Steffen A. Bass

Papers Published
  1. Bass, SA; Bleicher, M; Cassing, W; Dumitru, A; Drescher, HJ; Eskola, KJ; Gyulassy, M; Kharzeev, D; Kovchegov, YV; Lin, Z; Molnar, D; Ollitrault, JY; Pratt, S; Schlei, BR; Sorge, H; Rafelski, J; Rapp, R; Rischke, DH; Schaffner, JB; Snigirev, AM; Srivastava, DK; Stachel, J; Teaney, D; Thews, R; Vance, SE; Vitev, I; Vogt, R; Wang, XN; Zhang, B; Zimányi, J, Last call for RHIC predictions, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 661 no. 1-4 (1999), pp. 205c-260c [9907090] .

    This paper contains the individual contributions of all speakers of the session on 'Last Call for RHIC Predictions' at Quark Matter 99, and a summary by the convenor.