Publications [#245388] of Steffen A. Bass

Papers Published
  1. Bleicher, M; Liu, FM; Keränen, A; Aichelin, J; Bass, SA; Becattini, F; Redlich, K; Werner, K, Overpopulation of Ω̄ in pp collisions: A way to distinguish statistical hadronization from string dynamics, Physical Review Letters, vol. 88 no. 20 (May, 2002), pp. 2025011-2025014 [Gateway.cgi], [doi] .

    The ω̄/ω ≡ ω+/ω- ratio in elementary proton-proton collisions in an unambiguous and sensitive probe for distinguishing particle production through the breakup of a color flux tube from statistical hadronization was presented. Results showed that the antiomega dominance increased with the decrasing beam energy. The behavior was caused by the combinatorics of quark-antiquark production in small and low-mass strings.