Publications [#245410] of Steffen A. Bass

Papers Published
  1. Bass, SA; Danielewicz, P; Pratt, S, Clocking Hadronization in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions with Balance Functions, Physical Review Letters, vol. 85 no. 13 (September, 2000), pp. 2689-2692 [0005044], [doi] .

    Several experimental measurement were proposed as signals to the quark-gluon plasma is presented. Among these signals is an expected enhancement in strange-quark production which should take place 5-10 fm/c into the collision when the local temperature has dropped to near 160 MeV, but the system is still far from freeze-out. Strangeness enhancement was observed in heavy-ion collisions but alternative hadronic explanations were also been put forward assuming early-stage hadronization with medium junctions. The use of balance functions is proposed as a means to determine whether quark production occurred at early time, τ<1 fm/c, or according to a late-stage hadronization scenario.