Publications [#304507] of Steffen A. Bass

Papers Published
  1. Bass, SA; Hofmann, M; Bleicher, M; Bravina, L; Zabrodin, E; Stöcker, H; Greiner, W, Analysis of reaction dynamics at ultrarelativistic energies in a combined parton-hadron transport approach, Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, vol. 60 no. 2 (1999), pp. 219011-219015 [doi] .

    We introduce a transport approach which combines partonic and hadronic degrees of freedom on an equal footing and discuss the resulting reaction dynamics. The initial parton dynamics is modeled in the framework of the parton cascade model, hadronization is performed via a cluster hadronization model and configuration space coalescence, and the hadronic phase is described by a microscopic hadronic transport approach. The resulting reaction dynamics indicate a strong influence of hadronic rescattering on the space-time pattern of hadronic freeze-out and on the shape of transverse mass spectra. Freeze-out times and transverse radii increase by factors of 2-3 depending on the hadron species.