Publications [#245512] of Robert P. Behringer

Papers Published
  1. Clark, AH; Mort, P; Behringer, RP, Coarse graining for an impeller-driven mixer system, Granular Matter, vol. 14 no. 2 (2012), pp. 283-288 [doi] .

    We apply a coarse graining approach developed by Isaac Goldhirsch to data acquired from a model of an impeller-driven mixer system. The experiment uses a bidisperse system of photoelastic particles in a quasi-2D system to determine local mass and momentum densities, velocities, granular temperatures, size concentration, and pressure. Raw data consist of high speed video images obtained with polarizers (to obtain particle-scale force data) and without polarizers (to obtain particle positions). We coarse grain the experimental data using a Gaussian coarse graining function, φ, of variable width, w. © Springer-Verlag 2012.