Publications [#245557] of Robert P. Behringer

Papers Published
  1. Behringer, RP; Meyer, H, Diffusive relaxation processes in liquid3He-4He mixtures. II. Superfluid phase, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, vol. 46 no. 5-6 (1982), pp. 435-450 [doi] .

    Relaxation measurements in superfluid3He-4He mixtures when a heat flux across a horizontal layer is switched on or off provide a quantitative test for the solutions of Khalatnikov's hydrodynamic equations. On the basis of these equations we predict that the relaxation times τ in a layer of height d can be expressed by a simple scaled relation that is a function of static and transport properties. Relaxation experiments on five mixtures are in good agreement with these predictions. In an appendix we discuss the viscous penetration depth λp and show that it is small enough for the Khalatnikov expressions to be valid under our experimental conditions. © 1982 Plenum Publishing Corporation.