Publications [#245605] of Robert P. Behringer

Papers Published
  1. Tennakoon, SGK; Kondic, L; Behringer, RP, Onset of flow in a horizontally vibrated granular bed: Convection by horizontal shearing, Epl (Europhysics Letters), vol. 45 no. 4 (February, 1999), pp. 470-475 [doi] .

    We present experimental observations of the onset of flow for horizontally vibrated 3D granular systems. For accelerations Γ above Γ*, the top layers of granular material flow, leading to convection with motion both parallel and transverse to the shaking; the lower part of the layer moves with the shaker in solid body motion. With increasing Γ, more of the layer becomes liquefied. The initial bifurcation is backward, but a small amount of fluidization by gas flow lifts the hysteresis. A new convective mechanism, which we explore both experimentally and computationally, associated with horizontal shearing at the walls, is identified as the mechanism driving the transverse convective flow.