Nicolas Buchler, Assistant Professor of Biology and Physics  

Nicolas Buchler

Office Location: 2353A CIEMAS
Office Phone: (919) 699-8209
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Biological physics
Nonlinear dynamics and complex systems
Chemical Physics

PhD, University of Michigan, 2001
BS, University of California, San Diego, 1995

Teaching (Summer2 2015):

  • Biology 493.01, Research independent study Synopsis
    Tba, 12:00 AM-12:00 AM

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. G. Fritz and N. E. Buchler and T. Hwa and U. Gerland, Designing sequential transcription logic: a simple genetic circuit for conditional memory., Syst Synth Biol, vol. 1 no. 2 (April, 2007), pp. 89-98  [abs].
  2. N. E. Buchler and U. Gerland and T. Hwa, Nonlinear protein degradation and the function of genetic circuits., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, vol. 102 no. 27 (2005), pp. 9559-64  [abs].
  3. N. E. Buchler and U. Gerland and T. Hwa, On schemes of combinatorial transcription logic., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, vol. 100 no. 9 (2003), pp. 5136-41  [abs].

Bistable and oscillatory dynamics in regulatory networks are essential for patterning, cell proliferation, and cell differentiation in biological systems. My lab takes an interdisciplinary approach (theory and experiment; physics and biology; synthetic and systems biology) to understand the diverse molecular and evolutionary mechanisms by which thresholds, combinatorial control, bistability, and oscillation have evolved in biological systems.

Current Ph.D. Students  

  • Edgar Medina-Tovar  
  • Selcan Tuncay  
  • David Winski  
  • Mariana Gomez-Schiavon  
  • Anthony Burnetti  
  • Sargis Karapetyan  
Postdocs Mentored

  • Anne M. Augustus (August 01, 2013 - present)  
  • Heungwon Park (September 01, 2010 - present)