Publications [#248764] of Christopher Walter

Papers Published
  1. Abe, K; Abgrall, N; Ajima, Y; Aihara, H; Albert, JB; Andreopoulos, C; Andrieu, B; Aoki, S; Araoka, O; Argyriades, J; Ariga, A; Ariga, T; Assylbekov, S; Autiero, D; Badertscher, A; Barbi, M; Barker, GJ; Barr, G; Bass, M; Bay, F; Bentham, S; Berardi, V; Berger, BE; Bertram, I; Besnier, M; Beucher, J; Beznosko, D; Bhadra, S; Blaszczyk, FDMM; Blondel, A; Bojechko, C; Bouchez, J; Boyd, SB; Bravar, A; Bronner, C; Brook-Roberge, DG; Buchanan, N; Budd, H; Calvet, D; Cartwright, SL; Carver, A et al., Indication of electron neutrino appearance from an accelerator-produced off-axis muon neutrino beam., Physical Review Letters, vol. 107 no. 4 (July, 2011), pp. 041801 [21866992], [doi] .

    The T2K experiment observes indications of ν(μ) → ν(e) appearance in data accumulated with 1.43×10(20) protons on target. Six events pass all selection criteria at the far detector. In a three-flavor neutrino oscillation scenario with |Δm(23)(2)| = 2.4×10(-3)  eV(2), sin(2)2θ(23) = 1 and sin(2)2θ(13) = 0, the expected number of such events is 1.5±0.3(syst). Under this hypothesis, the probability to observe six or more candidate events is 7×10(-3), equivalent to 2.5σ significance. At 90% C.L., the data are consistent with 0.03(0.04) < sin(2)2θ(13) < 0.28(0.34) for δ(CP) = 0 and a normal (inverted) hierarchy.