Publications [#248802] of Christopher Walter

Papers Published
  1. Ambrosio, M; Antolini, R; Aramo, C; Auriemma, G; Baldini, A; Barbarino, GC; Barish, BC; Battistoni, G; Bellotti, R; Bemporad, C; Bernardini, P; Bilokon, H; Bisi, V; Bloise, C; Bower, C; Bussino, S; Cafagna, F; Calicchio, M; Campana, D; Carboni, M; Castellano, M; Cecchini, S; Cei, F; Chiarella, V; Choudhary, BC; Coutu, S; Benedictis, LD; Cataldo, GD; Dekhissi, H; Marzo, CD; Mitri, ID; Derkaoui, J; Vincenzi, MD; Credico, AD; Erriquez, O; Favuzzi, C; Forti, C; Fusco, P; Giacomelli, G; Giannini, G et al., Measurement of the energy spectrum of underground muons at Gran Sasso with a transition radiation detector, Astroparticle Physics, vol. 10 no. 1 (1999), pp. 11-20 .

    We have measured directly the residual energy of cosmic ray muons crossing the MACRO detector at the Gran Sasso Laboratory. For this measurement we have used a transition radiation detector consisting of three identical modules, each of about 12m2 area, operating in the energy region from 100 GeV to 1 TeV. The results presented here were obtained with the first module collecting data for more than two years. The average single muon energy is found to be 320 ± 4 (stat.) ± 11 (syst.) GeV in the rock depth range 3000-6500 hg/cm2. The results are in agreement with calculations of the energy loss of muons in the rock above the detector. © 1999 Elsevier Science B.V.