Publications [#231947] of David N. Beratan

Journal Articles
  1. Keinan, S; Therien, MJ; Beratan, DN; Yang, W, Molecular design of porphyrin-based nonlinear optical materials., J Phys Chem A, vol. 112 no. 47 (November, 2008), pp. 12203-12207 [18973325], [doi] .

    Nonlinear optical chromophores containing (porphyrinato)Zn(II), proquinoid, and (terpyridyl)metal(II) building blocks were optimized in a library containing approximately 10(6) structures using the linear combination of atomic potentials (LCAP) methodology. We report here the library design and molecular property optimizations. Two basic structural types of large beta(0) chromophores were examined: linear and T-shaped motifs. These T-shaped geometries suggest a promising NLO chromophoric architecture for experimental investigation and further support the value of performing LCAP searches in large chemical spaces.