Publications [#231965] of David N. Beratan

Journal Articles
  1. Rubtsov, IV; Kang, YK; Redmore, NP; Allen, RM; Zheng, J; Beratan, DN; Therien, MJ, The degree of charge transfer in ground and charge-separated states revealed by ultrafast visible pump/mid-IR probe spectroscopy., Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 126 no. 16 (April, 2004), pp. 5022-5023 [15099057], [doi] .

    We demonstrate a new femtosecond visible pump/mid-IR probe spectroscopic approach to assess directly the ground- and excited-state degrees of charge transfer (CT) in donor-spacer-acceptor (D-Sp-A) structures. Two classes of (porphinato)zinc(II) (PZn)-based D-Sp-A compounds with either quinonyl (Q) or N-(N'-octyl)pyromellitic diimide (PI) electron acceptors were interrogated. Carbonyl antisymmetric stretching mode frequency domain transient-IR spectra of these species were recorded and analyzed for the Q/PI moieties. These data show that the acceptor mode frequency shift, DeltanuA, determined by this method provides a more accurate measure of the degree of CT in ground and charge-separated states relative to other techniques which rely on the ground-state frequency shift alone. This approach enables determination of new experimental benchmarks to test the power of complimentary computational methods and provides a means to probe the degree of CT in transitions that either overlap strongly with other bands or possess low oscillator strength.