Publications [#231977] of David N. Beratan

Journal Articles
  1. Hopfield, JJ; Onuchic, JN; Beratan, DN, Electronic shift register memory based on molecular electron-transfer reactions, The Journal of Physical Chemistry, vol. 93 no. 17 (1989), pp. 6350-6357 [pdf] .

    The design of a shift register memory at the molecular level is described in detail. The memory elements are based on a chain of electron-transfer molecules incorporated on a very large scale integrated (VLSI) substrate, and the information is shifted by photoinduced electron-transfer reactions. The design requirements for such a system are discussed, and several realistic strategies for synthesizing these systems are presented. The immediate advantage of such a hybrid molecular/VLSI device would arise from the possible information storage density. The prospect of considerable savings of energy per bit processed also exists. This molecular shift register memory element design solves the conceptual problems associated with integrating molecular size components with larger (micron) size features on a chip. © 1989 American Chemical Society.