Publications [#232015] of David N. Beratan

Journal Articles
  1. Lee, J; Balabin, IA; Beratan, DN; Lee, J-G; Jr, JTY, Charge transfer through chemisorbed organic molecules - Neutralization of ionization processes at local sites in the molecule, Chemical Physics Letters, vol. 412 no. 1-3 (2005), pp. 171-175 [pdf], [doi] .

    The charge transfer through chemisorbed molecules has been studied by using normally oriented pyridine and benzoate molecules, chemisorbed on the Cu(1 1 0) surface. They yield H+ ions from the outer three C-H bond locations when ionized by electron impact. The local yield of these H+ ions allows the determination of the rate of electron transport through the molecule from the molecular contact point to the ionization position, causing ion neutralization. A superexchange (molecule-assisted tunneling) electron transfer process is found to control the electron-transfer event. © 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.