Publications [#269666] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Kottmann, JP; Martin, OJF; Smith, DR; Schultz, S, Spectral response of plasmon resonant nanoparticles with a non-regular shape, Optics Express, vol. 6 no. 11 (2000), pp. 213-219 .

    We study the plasmon resonances of 10-100(nm) two-dimensional metal particles with a non-regular shape. Movies illustrate the spectral response of such particles in the optical range. Contrary to particles with a simple shape (cylinder, ellipse) non-regular particles exhibit many distinct resonances over a large spectral range. At resonance frequencies, extremely large enhancements of the electromagnetic fields occur near the surface of the particle, with amplitudes several hundred-fold that of the incident field. Implications of these strong and localized fields for nano-optics and surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) are also discussed. © 2000 Optical Society of America.