Publications [#269683] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Smith, DR; Park, DF, A novel organic fiber for fiber reinforced structural composites, 6th Annual SPE Automotive Composites Conference 2006, vol. 2 (2006), pp. 830-839 .

    A novel fiber technology is being developed for the fiber reinforced composites industry. The fiber is a form of poly vinyl alcohol (PVOH). When added to conventional fiber reinforced composite PVOH fiber gives exceptional impact resistance, surface finish and improved recycling properties to fiber reinforced composites. PVOH is highly chemical and UV light resistant compared to other commercially available reinforcing fibers. PVOH is also economical compared to many high performance reinforcing fibers. PVOH can be used in combination with existing fibers (such as fiberglass, polyester, Kevlar) or as a stand alone fiber in both thermoset and thermoplastic resins. PVOH requires distinct surface modification to make the fiber compatible with each commercial polymer resin system. PVOH is commercially available for polyester and epoxy resins with vinyl ester, phenolic, polyolefin, silicone and urethane resins in development. Advanced resin systems have been demonstrated that create a bond that is stronger between fiber and resin than the fiber itself, giving a moldable composite with true isotropic properties. PVOH fiber is being targeted toward a broad array of applications and markets. Applications include molding compounds (bulk and sheet), pre-pregs, mats (woven, non-woven and uni-directional), braided structures, and chopped fiber (including wet laid). Markets include aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer, electronics, marine and the chemical industry. PVOH has a fit wherever molded composites require a lightweight reinforcing fiber with excellent impact, chemical and environmental properties.