Publications [#269708] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Gollub, JN; Chin, JY; Cui, TJ; Smith, DR, Hybrid resonant phenomena in a SRR/YIG metamaterial structure., Optics Express, vol. 17 no. 4 (February, 2009), pp. 2122-2131 [19219116] .

    We consider the hybridization of the resonance of a SRR metamaterial with the gyromagnetic material resonance of yittrium iron garnet (YIG) inclusions. The combination of an artificial structural resonance and natural material resonance generates a unique hybrid resonance that can be harnessed to make tunable metamaterials and further extend the range of achievable electromagnetic materials. A predictive analytic model is applied that accurately describes the characteristics of this SRR/YIG hybridization. We suggest that this hybridization has been observed in experimental data presented by Kang et al. [Opt. Express, 16, 8825 (2008)] and present numerical simulations to support this assertion. In addition, we investigate a design for optimizing the SRR/YIG structure that shows strong hybridization with a minimum amount of YIG material.