Publications [#269713] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Ghezzo, F; Starr, AF; Smith, DR, Integration of Networks of Sensors and Electronics for Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Materials, Advances in Civil Engineering, vol. 2010 (2010), pp. 1-13 [doi] .

    The low-cost, widespread availability and robust nature of current electronic devices suggest the feasibility of creating a composite structure with integrated networked sensors to monitor in real time the life of civil and aerospace structures while in service conditions. For structures that need to survive to high number of life cycles under varying load-environmental conditions, it is of crucial importance that the strength, stiffness, endurance, and general load-bearing capabilities of the composite not to be severely degraded by the integrated networked components. Therefore, design tools must be developed to achieve optimized, safe, and reliable structures. High values of stress concentrations due to the presence of a rigid device within a highly anisotropic material can trigger the initiation of microcracks in the resin matrix. To quantify these effects, the acoustic emission technique is used to characterize the initiation of microfailures within laminated composites with integrated electronics. © 2010 Fabrizia Ghezzo et al.