Publications [#269728] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Urzhumov, YA; Smith, DR, Transformation optics with photonic band gap media., Phys Rev Lett, vol. 105 no. 16 (October, 2010), pp. 163901 [21230972], [doi] .

    We introduce a class of optical media based on adiabatically modulated, dielectric-only, and potentially extremely low-loss, photonic crystals (PC). The media we describe represent a generalization of the eikonal limit of transformation optics (TO). The basis of the concept is the possibility to fit some equal frequency surfaces of certain PCs with elliptic surfaces, allowing them to mimic the dispersion relation of light in anisotropic effective media. PC cloaks and other TO devices operating at visible wavelengths can be constructed from optically transparent substances such as glasses, whose attenuation coefficient can be as small as 10 dB/km, suggesting the TO design methodology can be applied to the development of optical devices not limited by the losses inherent to metal-based, passive metamaterials.