Publications [#269747] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Dellagiacoma, C; Lasser, T; Martin, OJF; Degiron, A; Mock, JJ; Smith, DR, Simulation of complex plasmonic circuits including bends, Optics Express, vol. 19 no. 20 (2011), pp. 18979-18988 [doi] .

    Using a finite-element, full-wave modeling approach, we present a flexible method of analyzing and simulating dielectric and plas-monic waveguide structures as well as their mode coupling. This method is applied to an integrated plasmonic circuit where a straight dielectric waveguide couples through a straight hybrid long-range plasmon waveguide to a uniformly bent hybrid one. The hybrid waveguide comprises a thin metal core embedded in a two-dimensional dielectric waveguide. The performance of such plasmonic circuits in terms of insertion losses is discussed. © 2011 Optical Society of America.