Publications [#269838] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Koschny, T; MarkoŇ°, P; Economou, EN; Smith, DR; Vier, DC; Soukoulis, CM, Impact of inherent periodic structure on effective medium description of left-handed and related metamaterials, Physical Review B, vol. 71 no. 24 (2005) [doi] .

    We study the frequency dependence of the effective electromagnetic parameters of left-handed and related metamaterials of the split ring resonator and wire type. We show that the reduced translational symmetry (periodic structure) inherent to these metamaterials influences their effective electromagnetic response. To anticipate this periodicity, we formulate a periodic effective medium model which enables us to distinguish the resonant behavior of electromagnetic parameters from effects of the periodicity of the structure. We use this model for the analysis of numerical data for the transmission and reflection of periodic arrays of split ring resonators, thin metallic wires, cut wires, as well as the left-handed structures. The present method enables us to identify the origin of the previously observed resonance-antiresonance coupling as well as the occurrence of negative imaginary parts in the effective permittivities and permeabilities of those materials. Our analysis shows that the periodicity of the structure can be neglected only for the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave larger than 30 space periods of the investigated structure. © 2005 The American Physical Society.