Publications [#269864] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Yuan, Y; Bingham, C; Tyler, T; Palit, S; Hand, TH; Padilla, WJ; Smith, DR; Jokerst, NM; Cummer, SA, Dual-band planar electric metamaterial in the terahertz regime., Optics Express, vol. 16 no. 13 (June, 2008), pp. 9746-9752 [18575543], [doi] .

    We present the design, fabrication, and measurement of a dual-band planar metamaterial with two distinct electric resonances at 1.0 and 1.2 THz, as a step towards the development of frequency agile or broadband THz materials and devices. A method of defining the effective thickness of the metamaterial layer is introduced to simplify the material design and characterization. Good agreement between the simulated and measured transmission is obtained for the fabricated sample by treating the sample as multi-layer system, i. e. the effective metamaterial layer plus the rest of the substrate, as well as properly modeling the loss of the substrate. The methods introduced in this paper can be extended to planar metamaterial structures operating in infrared and optical frequency ranges.