Publications [#330964] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Zheng, H; Smith, D; Elsdon, M; Livingstone, B; Ng, WP; Yurduseven, O, Microwave inverse scattering using scalar indirect holographic techniques, Mediterranean Microwave Symposium, vol. 2015-April (January, 2015), IEEE [doi] .

    © 2014 IEEE. This paper describes the use of indirect microwave holographic together with inverse scattering techniques for the reconstruction of the dielectric properties of unknown objects. The use of indirect microwave holography enables the complex field scattered from the object under imaging to be recovered from intensity-only scalar microwave measurements and therefore removes the requirement of using expensive vector measurement equipment. This significantly reduces the cost of the imaging system and simplifies the hardware implementation. Following the successful implementation of indirect holography method for shape and position reconstruction, we have explored an algorithm which combines indirect holography method and CSI method to solve the phaseless data reconstruction problem. Results presented here indicate that the material properties of composite dielectric objects can be accurately reconstructed using scalar measurements from indirect holography.