Publications [#337697] of David R. Smith

Papers Published
  1. Zeng, B; Huang, Z; Singh, A; Yao, Y; Azad, AK; Mohite, AD; Taylor, AJ; Smith, DR; Chen, H-T, Hybrid graphene metasurfaces for high-speed mid-infrared light modulation and single-pixel imaging., Light: Science and Applications, vol. 7 no. 1 (January, 2018), pp. 51, Springer Nature America, Inc [doi] .

    During the past decades, major advances have been made in both the generation and detection of infrared light; however, its efficient wavefront manipulation and information processing still encounter great challenges. Efficient and fast optoelectronic modulators and spatial light modulators are required for mid-infrared imaging, sensing, security screening, communication and navigation, to name a few. However, their development remains elusive, and prevailing methods reported so far have suffered from drawbacks that significantly limit their practical applications. In this study, by leveraging graphene and metasurfaces, we demonstrate a high-performance free-space mid-infrared modulator operating at gigahertz speeds, low gate voltage and room temperature. We further pixelate the hybrid graphene metasurface to form a prototype spatial light modulator for high frame rate single-pixel imaging, suggesting orders of magnitude improvement over conventional liquid crystal or micromirror-based spatial light modulators. This work opens up the possibility of exploring wavefront engineering for infrared technologies for which fast temporal and spatial modulations are indispensable.