Publications [#324419] of Dewey T. Lawson

Papers Published
  1. Lawson, DT, A technique for growing helium crystals in preferred orientations, Cryogenics, vol. 13 no. 5 (January, 1973), pp. 276-281 [doi] .

    An apparatus has been developed in which hcp He 4 single crystals of high quality are grown with a 0.3 probability of obtaining c-axis orientations of 0 or 90° with respect to the direction of growth. Methods of influencing the relative distribution of crystals between these two angles have been observed and are believed to depend on the anisotropy in the thermal conductivity of hcp He 4 . A simple computer simulation of the nucleation process supports our identification of the orientation angles and our explanation of the observed orientation preferences. Some possible applications of similar techniques have been surveyed. © 1973.