Publications [#325377] of Dewey T. Lawson

Papers Published
  1. Wilson, BS; Finley, CC; White, MW; Lawson, DT, COMPARISONS OF PROCESSING STRATEGIES FOR MULTICHANNEL AUDITORY PROSTHESES., IEEE/Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Annual Conference (December, 1987), pp. 1908-1910 .

    A wide variety of processing strategies for auditory prostheses have been compared in studies with two patients implanted with the UCSF electrode array. Each strategy was evaluated using tests of vowel and consonant confusions. Included were the compressed-analog (CA) strategy of the present UCSF prosthesis and a group of interleaved-pulses (IP) strategies in which the amplitudes of nonsimultaneous pulses code the short-time spectra of speech. For these patients, each with indications of poor nerve survival, scores were significantly higher with the IP processors. It is believed that an important contributor to this superior performance is the substantial release from channel interactions provided by nonsimultaneous stimuli.