Publications [#98976] of Dewey T. Lawson

Papers Published
  1. BS Wilson, DT Lawson, M Zerbi, CC Finley, RD Wolford, New processing strategies in cochlear implantation., The American journal of otology, UNITED STATES, vol. 16 no. 5 (September, 1995), pp. 669-75 .

    New strategies for representing acoustic information with multichannel cochlear implants have produced substantial improvements in speech recognition for implant users. This report reviews within-subject comparison of a new continuous interleaved sampling (CIS) strategy with a compressed analog (CA) strategy used in a standard clinical device. In general, the comparison show higher levels of open-set speech recognition with CIS for each of the 11 subjects studied. Data on the importance of the patients variable in determining outcomes with cochlear implants are presented. A brief description of another new strategy, the spectral maxima sound processor (SMSP) strategy is given as well as information on the availability of CIS in various implant systems.