Publications [#217993] of Henry Everitt

Papers Published
  1. Wellenius, Patrick and Muth, John F and Wu, Pae C and Everitt, Henry O and Smith, Eric R, Effect of Oxygen Pressure on the Structure and Luminescence of Europium Doped Gadolinium Oxide Thin Films, American Physical Society (March, 2009), pp. 21015 [nph-data_query] .

    Gadolinium oxide has found uses as a dielectric or passivation layer for novel III-V materials and devices, but more recently has been the subject of study as a rare-earth host. It is believed that Gd2O3 makes a good host for these dopants due to the similarity in ionic radii between the gadolinium ion and the rare-earth dopants. The reported long radiative lifetimes of rare earth dopants in this material make it interesting for optically pumped laser materials. In this study, europium-doped gadolinium oxide (Eu:Gd2O3) polycrystalline thin films were deposited on sapphire substrates by pulsed laser deposition at 5 and 50 mTorr oxygen pressure. Changes in the crystal structure were observed by x-ray diffraction and photoluminescence. Low-temperature photoluminescence spectra of the ^5D0-^7F0 and ^7F2 transitions in the europium ion were recorded with high resolution. Because the ^5D0-^7F0 transition in europium is not subject to fine structure splitting, it provides a useful mechanism for investigation of the local environment. The ^5D0-^7F2 transition is of interest as it results in the most intense emission, making europium doped material useful for red light-emitting phosphors. Radiative lifetimes of the observed transitions are also reported.