Publications [#218007] of Henry Everitt

Papers Published
  1. Glinka, Y D and Everitt, Henry O and Muth, John F and Shahbazyan, T V and Roberts, J and Rajagopal, P and Cook, J and Piner, E and Linthicum, K, Photoluminescence from surface GaN/AlGaN quantum wells: Effect of the surface states, arXiv, vol. cond-mat.mtrl-sci (January, 2009) [0905.1972v1] .

    We report on photoluminescence (PL) measurements at 85 K for GaN/AlGaN surface quantum wells (SQW's) with a width in the range of 1.51-2.9 nm. The PL spectra show a redshift with decreasing SQW width, in contrast to the blueshift normally observed for conventional GaN QW's of the same width. The effect is attributed to a strong coupling of SQW confined exciton states with surface acceptors. The PL hence originates from the recombination of surface-acceptor-bound excitons. Two types of acceptors were identified.