Publications [#222969] of Henry Everitt

Papers Published
  1. Mrozack, Alex and Heimbeck, Martin and Marks, Daniel L and Richard, Jonathan and Everitt, Henry O and Brady, David J., Compressive and Adaptive Millimeter-wave SAR, (February, 2014) [1402.1466v1] .

    We apply adaptive sensing techniques to the problem of locating sparse metallic scatterers using high-resolution, frequency modulated continuous wave W-band RADAR. Using a single detector, a frequency stepped source, and a lateral translation stage, inverse synthetic aperture RADAR reconstruction techniques are used to search for one or two wire scatterers within a specified range, while an adaptive algorithm determined successive sampling locations. The two-dimensional location of each scatterer is thereby identified with sub-wavelength accuracy in as few as 1/4 the number of lateral steps required for a simple raster scan. The implications of applying this approach to more complex scattering geometries are explored in light of the various assumptions made.