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  1. Bergmann, MJ; Ozgur, U; Casey, HC; Everitt, HO; Muth, JF, Ordinary and extraordinary refractive indices for AlxGa1-xN epitaxial layers, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 75 no. 1 (July, 1999), pp. 67-69 [Gateway.cgi], [doi] .

    Dispersion of the ordinary and extraordinary indices of refraction for wurtzite AlxGa1-xN epitaxial layers with x=0.00, 0.04, 0.08, 0.11, and 0.20 in the range of wavelengths 457 < 980 nm were measured via a prism-coupled waveguide technique. The quantitative accuracy of x is +/- 10% and the accuracy of the refractive indices is +/-0.01. The dispersion is found to be well described by a 1st-order Sellmeier dispersion formula. A simple functional form is presented that allows calculation of the refractive indices as functions of x and lambda. (C) 1999 American Institute of Physics. [S0003-6951(99)04127-3].110679018842056421064663621052149011020184510288699010646855159141030295731022401681083838151072207098783291399817495101579258100901599167527791068013222407076110731534110090160010493040510170510098090757A1995TK75900047GOYE3810950067AT0008086915APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERSAPPL PHYS LETTFemtosecond demodulation source for high-resolution submillimeter spectroscopy67 (25): 3810-3812 DEC 18 19953810-3812ArticleEnglishGoyette, TMGuo, WDeLucia, FCSwartz, JCEveritt, HOGuenther, BDBrown, ERGENERATIONLASERRADIATIONREGIONGoyette, TMOHIO STATE UNIV,DEPT PHYS,COLUMBUS,OH 43210OHIO STATE UNIVDEPT PHYSCOLUMBUSOHUSA43210DUKE UNIV,DEPT PHYS,DURHAM,NC 27708DUKE UNIVDEPT PHYSDURHAMNCUSA27708MIT,LINCOLN LAB,LEXINGTON,MA 02173MITLINCOLN LABLEXINGTONMAUSA02173USA,RES OFF,RES TRIANGLE PK,NC 27709USARES OFFRES TRIANGLE PKNCUSA27709A new continuously tunable submillimeter source for spectroscopy and other high-resolution applications has been developed. In this source the optical spectrum of a mode-locked femtosecond laser is downconverted into the submillimeter region by the demodulation process of a photoconductive switch. The power generated is subsequently radiated into free space by an antenna which is integrated along with the switch on low-temperature grown GaAs. The very high resolution is ultimately traceable to the cavity length of the laser and the stable mode-lock frequency which results. Among the most important attributes of the sources are straightforward absolute frequency calibration, very high spectral purity, and the potential for spectral multiplexing. (C) 1995 American Institute of Physics.255044875318817433933179939764843856569275952850874539298996389356945225516921006714115089963895739067834820580118743965939764854469309747149642350436853357698996389643500682939764867127782274669017569452294302493093976487A1993LR63800013EVER1087930079MH0013403597MOLECULAR PHYSICSMOL PHYSTHE TEMPERATURE-DEPENDENCE OF FAST VIBRATIONAL-ENERGY TRANSFER PROCESSES IN METHYL-FLUORIDE79 (5): 1087-1101 AUG 10 19931087-1101ArticleEnglishEVERITT, HODELUCIA, FCINFRARED DOUBLE-RESONANCEMILLIMETER-WAVELASERSPECTROSCOPY(CH3F)-C-13DYNAMICSCH3FEVERITT, HOUSA,RES OFF,POB 12211,RES TRIANGLE PK,NCUSARES OFF, POB 12211RES TRIANGLE PKNCUSAOHIO STATE UNIV,DEPT PHYS,COLUMBUS,OH 43210OHIO STATE UNIVDEPT PHYSCOLUMBUSOHUSA43210The temperature dependencies of two fast vibrational energy transfer processes in methyl fluoride (CH3F) have been measured between 120 K and 400 K by means of time-resolved millimetre/submillimetre-infrared double resonance spectroscopy. The first of these processes, a resonant vibrational swapping process between the ground vibrational state and the nu3 = 1 (nu3) vibrational state, effectively transfers population between states of A and E symmetry. A rapid increase in cross section with decreasing temperature was observed for this process, a result in excellent quantitative agreement with semiclassical theory of near resonant vibrational collisions. The second process, which transfers population between the nu3 and nu6 = 1 (nu6) vibrational states, was found experimentally to have a much weaker temperature dependence. From this result and from additional experimental observations of symmetry type-sensitive energy transfer into nu6, the energy transfer between nu3 and nu6 was demonstrated to result from a 'direct' vibrational energy transfer rather than from an 'indirect' vibrational swap process.605367906858345472467435795935078441142079593506706458566858345658827703702889565016889954651885642872926428729325774361494364463149563751673014757711644954439319653771845351059335937739677467201A1993KK74500013BOWD0280930010JC0000898914JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA B-OPTICAL PHYSICSJ OPT SOC AM BDEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATIONS OF MATERIALS EXHIBITING PHOTONIC BAND-GAPS - INTRODUCTION10 (2): 280-280 FEB 1993280-280Editorial MaterialEnglishBOWDEN, CMDOWLING, JPEVERITT, HOBOWDEN, CMUSA,MISSILE COMMAND,CTR RES DEV {&} ENGN,AMSMI RD WS ST,WEAP SCI DIRECTORATE,REDSTONE ARSENAL,AL 35898USAMISSILE COMMAND, CTR RES DEV {&} ENGN, AMSMI RD WS ST, WEAP SCI DIRECTORATEREDSTONE ARSENALALUSA35898USA,RES OFF,RES TRIANGLE PK,NC 27709USARES OFFRES TRIANGLE PKNCUSA2770962430842A1992HT47800030GOYE0324920153JT0003019412JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPYJ MOL SPECTROSCCOLLISIONS AND ROTATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY153 (1-2): 324-339 MAY-JUN 1992324-339ArticleEnglishGOYETTE, TMMCCORMICK, RIDELUCIA, FCEVERITT, HOCO-HEPRESSUREEXCITATIONGOYETTE, TMOHIO STATE UNIV,DEPT PHYS,COLUMBUS,OH 43210OHIO STATE UNIVDEPT PHYSCOLUMBUSOHUSA43210USA,RES OFF,RES TRIANGLE PK,NC 27709USARES OFFRES TRIANGLE PKNCUSA2770917006084036536140772467435795935076540467272113950670374132919054328843863482058011280996428729254310549281669462816694934760032598091881644954442648648343000674672013867344854079593508795935097959351069388268A1990EQ50400004CROW2882900057AR0024213743APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERSAPPL PHYS LETTFREQUENCY STABILITY AND REPRODUCIBILITY OF OPTICALLY PUMPED FAR-INFRARED LASERS57 (27): 2882-2884 DEC 31 19902882-2884ArticleEnglishCROWNOVER, RLEVERITT, HODELUCIA, FCSKATRUD, DDFIR LASERCROWNOVER, RLDUKE UNIV,SCH MED,DEPT PHYS,DURHAM,NC 27706DUKE UNIVSCH MED, DEPT PHYSDURHAMNCUSA27706USA,RES OFF,RES TRIANGLE PK,NC 27709USARES OFFRES TRIANGLE PKNCUSA27709Direct measurements of the gain profile of optically pumped far-infrared lasers show that large shifts in the laser frequency can be caused by the absorption from thermal molecules on the laser transition. The absorption shifting greatly exacerbates pump frequency deviations, resulting in an extreme sensitivity to pump offsets and drifts. This pressure-dependent shifting mechanism is not present in transversely pumped lasers, which explains their superior frequency reproductibility compared to longitudinally pumped lasers, and reconciles two apparently conflicting results regarding laser stability.4958874955690992398143207214612053495159397009006480307640870151642872926428729347398450A1990DE14600016EVER6480900092JH0004248715JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICSJ CHEM PHYSROTATIONAL ENERGY-TRANSFER IN CH3F - THE DELTA-J=N, DELTA-K=0 PROCESSES92 (11): 6480-6491 JUN 1 19906480-6491ArticleEnglishEVERITT, HODELUCIA, FCEVERITT, HODUKE UNIV,DEPT PHYS,DURHAM,NC 27706DUKE UNIVDEPT PHYSDURHAMNCUSA27706413140504553604242562629685834555449612910548365349666163772539960536790685834546595258919771958329369152919054336354624541191996190886148205801236772232922361268583456253452745210771350168899546518856428729264287293246794666584117825774361467829031313596321514264354646473373860239319653426486484132499344767762298825549189410A1989T802800015EVER3520890090JH0012921089JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICSJ CHEM PHYSA TIME-RESOLVED STUDY OF ROTATIONAL ENERGY-TRANSFER INTO A AND E SYMMETRY SPECIES OF (CH3F)-C-1390 (7): 3520-3527 APR 1 19893520-3527ArticleEnglishEVERITT, HODELUCIA, FCEVERITT, HODUKE UNIV,DEPT PHYS,DURHAM,NC 27706DUKE UNIVDEPT PHYSDURHAMNCUSA2770668583455541192821054836560536790659525891977195854119199619088614820580123677223292236126858345625345274521077134788713314743171950168899642872946428729264287293658411785431054948756572257743614678290313135963215142643373860239319653551096932141891266587910