Publications [#318433] of Henry Everitt

Papers Published
  1. Peng, HY; Lee, CW; Everitt, HO; Lee, DS; Steckl, AJ; Zavada, JM, Effect of optical excitation energy on the red luminescence of Eu3+ in GaN, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 86 no. 5 (January, 2005), pp. 051110-051110 [nph-data_query], [doi] .

    Photoluminescence (PL) excitation spectroscopy mapped the photoexcitation wavelength dependence of the red luminescence (5D0-->7F2) from GaN:Eu. Time-resolved PL measurements revealed that for excitation at the GaN bound exciton energy, the decay transients are almost temperature insensitive between 86 K and 300 K, indicating an efficient energy transfer process. However, for excitation energies above or below the GaN bound exciton energy, the decaying luminescence indicates excitation wavelength- and temperature-dependent energy transfer influenced by intrinsic and Eu3+-related defects.