Publications [#331955] of Henry Everitt

Papers Published
  1. Karl, N; Heimbeck, MS; Everitt, HO; Chen, HT; Taylor, AJ; Benz, A; Reno, JL; Brener, I; Mendis, R; Mittleman, DM, Terahertz phase modulation in a slab waveguide metasurface, International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, Irmmw Thz (October, 2017) [doi] .

    © 2017 IEEE. We describe experimental measurements and simulations of a switchable THz metasurface device in a slab waveguide geometry. The device exhibits giant phase modulation of the TE 1 mode at particular frequencies determined by the metamaterial geometry. Simulations predict that a 2π phase shift can be realized in an interaction length of only a few millimeters.