Publications [#132806] of G. Allan Johnson

Papers Published
  1. RD Black, HL Middleton, GD Cates, GP Cofer, B Driehuys, W Happer, LW Hedlund, GA Johnson, MD Shattuck, JC Swartz, In vivo He-3 MR images of guinea pig lungs., Radiology, UNITED STATES, vol. 199 no. 3 (June, 1996), pp. 867-70 .

    The authors imaged the lungs of live guinea pigs with hyperpolarized (HP) helium-3 as a magnetic resonance (MR) signal source. HP He-3 gas produced through spin exchange with rubidium metal vapor was delivered through an MR-compatible, small-animal ventilator. Two- and three-dimensional lung images acquired with ventilation-gated, radial k-space sampling showed complete ventilation of both lungs. All images were of high quality, demonstrating that HP He-3 allows high-signal-intensity MR imaging in living systems.