Publications [#132883] of G. Allan Johnson

Papers Published
  1. HG Chotas, CE Floyd, GA Johnson, CE Ravin, Quality control phantom for digital chest radiography., Radiology, UNITED STATES, vol. 202 no. 1 (January, 1997), pp. 111-6 .

    PURPOSE: To develop and test a chest phantom for routine quality control testing of digital radiography systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The phantom was constructed from sheets of copper, aluminum, and acrylic, which were cut and arranged to yield a radiographic projection resembling that of a human thorax. Regional test objects allowed quantitative assessment of optical density, contrast detail, and spatial resolution. Validation tests were performed to assess image stability in a stable imaging environment and sensitivity to changes in image quality when they occur. RESULTS: The phantom yielded consistent pseudoclinical images when used in a routine quality control program and facilitated detection of simulated problems that were induced in imaging system performance. CONCLUSION: The chest phantom enables quantitative, full-system testing of digital radiography system as they are used clinically for chest radiography.